Quick Update 2.15.17

I just want to quickly say I am sorry for the quick updates, in trying to still get use to school and with everything else that is going on in my life right now I have had very little time to post anything.

What has happened so far:

  • I am going to Chicago for Spring Break! I am excited to go to my favorite city and finally be able to bring a friend and show them around. Brag about the best city in the world!
  • I heard back from the campus band that I tried out for and sadly did not make it to the next round. That was, and still has been something that has been very difficult for me.
  • I went on a hike last weekend with some girls on my hall and some of the guys from our brother dorm. (That is what the picture in the side it) It was the most fun that I have had in a while. We ate Applebee’s (my favorite), had some really intense but great talks, and of course went hiking. The trial included a vine that we all swung on…I now know that I am meant to not live in the jungle.

What I am looking forward too:

  • Spring break in Chicago!
  • Baseball to start. (Yeah, not school related but I am so excited!)

Prayer Requests:

  • For sleep! I have been only getting about 3 hours of sleep a night and it is really starting to affect my school work and life in general.
  • I have my first Biology AND Math exam next week. I am not a math or science person whatsoever so I am quite stressed and nervous about it.
  • Stress in general, there is a lot going on in my school, and personal life right now and with my lack of sleep I feel like all I have done is cry and be angry. Prayer that things will start to slow down would be great.

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