Dear 2016

Dear 2016,

     Like most people, I though you’d be an amazing year. One that would go at least a little bit the way I hoped it too. But of course that did not happen. I thought that I would head to University in the fall, and then graduate in 2018. I didn’t expect to loose one of my best friends from my time in Spain. And I never expected Donald Trump to get into office. I am more then happy to be done with you.

     I will admit though, as tough as you were for myself and the world in general, I did have a pretty adventurous year. I went back home to Chicago for the first time in seven years. I watched one of my best friends get married. I was reunited with friends whom I had not seen in three years. I went on a couple of road trips with two friends who are like sisters to me. One of the road trips was to Seattle,WA a place I have always wanted to go too. Baseball quickly became my favourite sport, topping football, after going to a Chicago Cubs game for the first time. A team that then went on to WIN the World Series. This year I was also able to be there with another friend through out her whole pregnancy. I am now able to love on the most beautiful little girl. Last but not least, I witnessed a friend become a Christian, who is now constantly going to church and who is so in love with Jesus. (That one tops everything!)

So much happened and I am so grateful for everyone that I got to experience this year with. Now on to my next adventure. One that I have waited a year for.





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