My Ambitions

I try to not have a “bucket list” because I believe that God will lead you where you need to go but I do love a good challenge and lists. Now I fully understand that more then half of these may never happen but it does not hurt to dream and to try and reach my goals. So I figured I would make an Ambitions list, because then it challenges me everyday to chase after my goals.


Get into my dream University (Liberty University, December 2015)

Graduate with at least a 3.3 average [3.5 would be ideal, but I am a Pych major so we will see]

Get my masters degree

Get my Doctorate [that’s the plan anyways]

Live on campus

Learn at least one new language [Arabic or Spanish]

Live off campus with friends

Study Abroad (Spain 2012)

Graduate [Obviously!]

Go to every sports game the school has to offer

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse

Go on a road trip

Take advantage of the gym

Go on a spring break trip

Join an intramural team

Participate in a campus wide tradition

Become involved in a club

Get on the deans list [Yeah, very unlikely that this one will actually happen but I am sure going to try!]


Live on my own (For a year with my best friend)

Work at a summer camp (Southern Alberta Bible Camp for two summers!)

Help people for a living

Get Married [Still up in the air on this one]

Learn Sign Language


Go to Europe

Travel solo (Spain)

Go to Seattle (May 2016)

Travel once by train (Cross country to Chicago)

Live in a foreign country

Visit all 50 States [12/50]

Go to New York

Road Trip with my best friends (To my previous college & to Vancouver B.C.)

Live in different country (Spain)


Get my dream internship [at a FBI field office]

Become a licensed therapist

Work for the FBI


Keep blog up for a year [Started December 18th, 2016]

Record a song in a studio (At my first college 2013)

Knit a blanket (2014)

Take self-defence classes

Be a photographer for a wedding (For my college roommate, 2013)

Run in the Chicago Marathon


Go to a Chicago Cubs game (August 2016)

Go to a World Series game-only if the Cubs are in it again

Go to a Chicago Bears game

Go to a Chicago Bulls game

Work at a summer camp (Southern Alberta Bible Camp, 2013,2014)

Snorkel (Hawaii 2014)

Get gun license

See the Cubs win the World Series [It’s a bug deal so I had to put it]

Go to the top of the Sears Tower- Willis Tower for those of you who are not from Chicago (August 2016)